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Evidence Based Practice: PICO Assignment

In this guide:

Study Guide for Evidence for Nursing  (PICO assignment)

1: View Tutorials via UTS Library's YouTube channel

2: Read through the Searching Tips  - Try doing the searches yourself.


  • How to develop a search strategy (using PICO) from a clinical scenario.
  • How to choose the best databases for each type of resource (eg Systematic Review, RCT, CPG etc)
  • Step by step worked examples for each major database.

Other useful Links:

Using PICO to formulate a search question   

Turning search terms into a search    (Tutorials from Bodleian Health Care library at Oxford University) 

More advanced information on how to search systematically


3: Attend a Face to Face Session in the Library

If you need more help, attend a workshop in the library. Or, you can also Ask a Librarian!