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Evidence Based Practice: PICO Assignment

In this guide:

Study Guide for Evidence for Nursing  (PICO assignment)

1: View Tutorials via UTS Library's YouTube channel

2: Read through the Searching Tips  - Try doing the searches yourself.


  • How to develop a search strategy (using PICO) from a clinical scenario.
  • How to choose the best databases for each type of resource (eg Systematic Review, RCT, CPG etc)
  • Step by step worked examples for each major database.

Other useful Links:

Using PICO to formulate a search question   

Turning search terms into a search    (Tutorials from Bodleian Health Care library at Oxford University) 

More advanced information on how to search systematically

Viva La Evidence -- a parody of Coldplay's Viva La Vida - a song all about evidence based healthcare -- a little bit about the history of evidence and then the key principles. Hope you like it.

3: Attend a Face to Face Session in the Library

Many students will find that viewing the videos and working through the searching tips, along with discussions in your tutorial groups, will be sufficient information to be well underway with doing the assessment task. If you need more help, attend a workshop in the library in week 2 or 3 - these are being held at both City and Kuring-gai campuses and can be booked via the events page on the library website.  

Please make a good attempt to develop your PICO question and search strategy before you come to the session.