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Finding Information

finding informationBooks and journals are the main resources university students use to find information for their course.

Journals contain articles written by and for, university staff and students. Journals are sometimes called serials or periodicals.

What is the Catalogue?

You can find a list of all the books and journals held by UTS Library in the Catalogue.

It's the place to start when you have a reading list. You can search by the title of the book or Journal Title.

If you want to browse for books on a topic use a Keyword search.

How do I find books and journals on the shelves?

ShelvesEach item in the Library's Collection is listed in the Catalogue and has either a call number and/or a link to a database or electronic resource.

The call number will help you find the item on the shelves.

Call numbersCall numbers range from 001 to 999 and usually include a decimal point followed by 4 letters or more numbers (they can be quite long!).

Each number represents a broad subject area for example 658 is the number for management; 720 architecture; 346 business law.

Numbers after the decimal points represent a specific aspect of the subject, for example 658 is the number for management and 658.404 is the number for project management.

On the shelves, items are arranged in numerical order from left to right.

Start with the first three numbers, then if there's a decimal point keep moving to the right as the numbers get bigger, until you reach your item.

Location of books and journals

Books and journals are shelved together.

  • books and journals are shelved on Levels 3, 4 and 5
  • the Law Collection is shelved on Level 3
  • Large Size Book Collection is on Level 5

Signage and printed floorplans will help you locate specific books and journals.

Journals and databases

When you know the name of the journal you want to find, enter the Journal Title into the Catalogue and click Search. 

If you want to browse for articles without having a particular journal in mind, use Find Articles. Find Articles is a new way to find journal articles and other scholarly information across a huge range of resources quickly.

Journal databases store electronic copies of journal articles. The Library subscribes to over 300 databases for UTS staff and students to use for their teaching and research. Databases are specifically designed for use by university students and staff. You can find databases relevant to your subject and search for journal articles by clicking on Find Databases in the Quick Links on every page of the Library website. 
Note: The electronic version of a journal article is equal to the hard copy.

This may be your first time using databases. There are a number of ways to learn how to find information using databases:

Study guides

Guides have been designed to give you a quick introduction to the best resources in a subject area. Study guides list suggestions for Catalogue searching and the most relevent journal databases.

More tutorials

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