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You don't have to be in the Library to get help. If you are studying at home or somewhere else on campus, (or even if you are in the Library) you can Ask a Librarian by email or online chat. Chat is available during session, Monday to Thursday 1pm - 6pm and Friday 1pm - 5pm.

General enquiries

For general enquiries such as loans, renewals and opening hours you can call the Library on telephone 02 9514 3666. Staff at the Enquiries and Loans Desk will help you find your way around the Library, locate and borrow books and use other Library services.

Library workshops

Make sure you join a tour at the start of session and sign up for a Library workshop. Upcoming workshops are listed on the homepage and under Events.

Research Help Desk

Throughout the year, staff at the Research Help Desk are on-hand to show you how to find books, journal articles and other information you need by using the Catalogue, databases and Internet.


If you are studying in the Library ask a Rover for help with printing, activation of email, logging on to computers and using the Catalogue. Rovers are UTS students like you. You can recognise them by their orange Ask@Library t-shirts.

Online help

Remember, the Library website is where you will find the most current and detailed information about all the Library's services, resources and facilities. The Help pages provide tutorials, study guides, study skills and referencing guides.


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