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Starting Your Assignment

starting your assignment


Referencing and writing

You’ve found all your materials, you've been reading and made notes. Do you need some help putting it all together and writing an essay or assignment?

One place to start is the Study Skills pages. The Writing, Reading & Speaking page provides guides, articles and case studies to help you in the process of writing academic essays.

For help with planning your assignment try the UTS Assignment Survival Kit.

When you write an essay, you need to acknowledge the articles and books you have used to support your arguments. This is known as referencing. The Harvard UTS Referencing Guide has information about the different ways you can refer to materials you have used. Watch a video introducing Harvard UTS

Plagiarism - beware! Plagiarism occurs when you use someone's ideas without acknowledging them as the source. Referencing correctly is one way of avoiding plagiarism. Plagiarism is viewed very harshly by the University. Learn more about plagiarism and test your knowledge on the UTS:HELPS Plagiarism website.

RefWorks is a program which helps you organise your references and create reference lists for your essays. Join a RefWorks workshop to learn how to use RefWorks or do some RefWorks online tutorials at any time.

EndNote software is an alternative to RefWorks. It needs to be downloaded to your computer. Join a EndNote workshop to learn how to use EndNote or complete an online tutorial on the EndNote website.

UTS: HELPS provides English language and academic literacy support to UTS undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students.