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Harvard UTS Referencing Guide

The Harvard (UTS) Referencing Style is based on the Australian Government's Style Guide for Authors, Editors and Publishers (6th edition, 2002). It is used in all of the Faculties except Law.

Always bear in mind that the point of referencing is:

  • To acknowledge the works of others that you have used, thus giving credit to them, and avoiding allegations of plagiarism. UTS:HELPS has resources for avoiding Plagiarism (via in text citations) and
  • To clearly and simply to enable another person (or perhaps even yourself) to relocate the information or item referred to (via the reference list).
Interactive Harvard UTS Referencing Guide

Interactive Harvard UTS Referencing Guide (PDF - 2.7 MB) is designed to help you reference quickly and simply. 

   Sample Essay 

This sample essay (PDF) is intended as an illustrative example only of an academic essay, including referencing.