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When referencing a newspaper or magazine article in the Harvard UTS Style, you will need the following information about the article:

  • the author or authors of the article
  • the year the article was published
  • the title of the article
  • newspaper or magazine title (in italics)
  • issue date
  • page numbers of the article

In most cases this information can be found at the top of the article itself. Once you have collected this information you will need to arrange it as shown below. Roll the mouse over each section for a description.

Gutner, T. 2003, 'Fashion futures', Business Week (Fashion Industry Supplement), 30 August, pp. 9-10.

If the article comes from a special section that has its own page numbering, you need to specify the section (in brackets) after the name of the newspaper or magazine, as in the example above.

For more information about referencing a newspaper or magazine article please expand any of the options below. You can also get help with referencing at any time via the Ask a Librarian page.


One Author

Gutner, T. 2003, 'Fashion futures', Business Week (Fashion Industry Supplement), 30 August, pp. 9-10.

More than one author

In text

(Dunn & Mundy 1994)

Note for in-text referencing, if there are four or more authors, list the first author followed by et al.

Reference list

Dunn, J. & Mundy, C. 1994, 'Generation next', Rolling Stone, September, pp. 72-5.

For in text referencing examples for 3 and 4 or more authors please see our journal article page.

No author

In text

(‘Foreign cyber-spies’ 2009)

Reference list

'Foreign cyber-spies' 2009, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 November, p. 7.

Quote from a work citing another author

Sometimes when you read a document it will quote from another author, and you find that you want to use that quote.

For example, on page 78 of a book by Kip Thorne, written in 1994, you find a quote from a 1906 paper by Albert Einstein. To cite the work by Einstein you should mention Einstein's paper in the text and use Thorne as your in-text reference, with page number. There are many ways you could do this. Here are three examples:

Einstein stated in 1906 that 'time is relative' (Thorne 1994, p. 78).

Thorne (1994, p. 78) quotes Einstein as saying in 1906 that 'time is relative'.

The theory that 'time is relative' was first stated by Einstein in 1906 (Thorne 1994, p. 78).

In your reference list you must have the full reference for Thorne. If you wish, you may also include the reference for Einstein (you can get this from Thorne's bibliography). This isn't usually recommended however, because you haven't actually consulted the Einstein paper directly.


Most online newspapers and magazines have a printed equivalent. When this is the case and page numbers are displayed, for example if you accessed the article via an online database, reference it as the print version.

Free online newspaper or magazine article

If you accessed a publicly accessible newspaper or magazine website, or if there are no clear page numbers, use the online article format below.


Darby, A. 2004, 'Furious Butler quits as governor', Sydney Morning Herald, 10 August, viewed 10 November 2009, <http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/08/09/1092022411039.html>. 

Library database newspaper or magazine article

If you access a newspaper or magazine article from a Library database such as Factiva, you cannot use the URL provided by the database as they require a logon to view; instead you should use the name of the database as the URL as shown in the example below:


Awaba, A. 2017, 'How to break sugar addiction', New Vision, 15 March, viewed 22 March 2017, <Factiva database>.

Press Release or Media Release

Please see other sources

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