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Toilet facilities

Toilet facilities with wheel chair access are located:

  • City Campus Library has 3 accessible toilets. They are on Levels 3, 4 and 5, located at the rear of the toilet blocks.
  • Kuring-Gai Campus, outside the Library. On exiting the Library on level 4, turn left then right. Toilets are located just past the stairs.

Special Needs Rooms

The Special Needs Room at the City Campus Library is located on level 2. The Special Needs Room at Kuring-gai Campus Library is located on level 4.

Bookings can be made through the online Room Bookings system. Library Staff can make bookings, if assistance is required. 

Booking Conditions:

  1. Kuring-gai Campus Library Special Needs Room: contains one computer and the room is booked individually.
  2. City Campus Library Special Needs Room: contains two computers and, as each computer is booked individually, you may need to share the room. Individual use of the room may be possible. If you need to use the room alone, please consult Access Services Team as staff will need to make this booking for you.
  3. Bookings can be for a maximum of 4 hours.
  4. Students can make up to 5 bookings a week.
  5. Bookings can be made 2 weeks in advance.
  6. Your booking may be cancelled if you arrive more than 30 minutes after your booking commences.
  7. To use the Special Needs Room in the Library you need to be registered with the Special Needs Service in the Student Services Unit. If you are registered with Special Needs Service and you are not able to book the rooms please contact the Special Needs Liaison Officers in the Library.

Room Procedures:

  1. The Rooms are for individual study only. Group study rooms are available at both Campus Libraries and can be booked using the online Room Bookings system.
  2. Any UTS Library books left in the rooms will be checked in and returned to the shelves. Personal belongings left in the rooms will be treated as lost property and handed in either to security staff at the City Campus Library or to the Circulation Desk at Kuring-gai Campus Library. Lockers are available for daily use in the City Campus Library, and for hire from the UTS Union on Kuring-gai Campus.
  3. Key (City Campus Library only):
    Before you can access the room, you will need to collect the key from the Enquiries and Loans Desk. You are responsible for this key and it must remain in your possession until you return it to the Enquiries and Loans Desk at the end of your session. If you are going to be away from the Room for more than 10 minutes, please hand the key to the Enquiries and Loans Desk in case another student has a booking.


Special arrangements can be made for parking at UTS if you have an RTA permit. Contact the Special Needs Unit on Tel: 02 9514 1177 to organise your UTS parking sticker.

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