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2016 Autumn Workshop ProgramA collection of workshops, classes and tours to get you started with studying and working on assignments.

These workshops will help you develop effective search strategies to find relevant sources for your work.

Starting Your Assignment is recommended for all new students and covers how to approach your assignment question, plus strategies for finding books, articles and web sites.


During orientation we offer the following tours and workshops to help you get started at University:

  • Library Tour – discover the services and facilities offered by the library
  • Quick Start workshop – learning how to use your reading list and find articles and books for your subject.

Please note these tours and workshops are only available during orientation and the first weeks of session.

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Starting your assignment

Have an assignment question and don’t know where to start? Having trouble finding articles and resources? This 90 minute interactive workshop run by the Library and HELPS will cover the basics of starting an assignment and introduce you to some effective strategies that can help you:

  • Understand your assignment question
  • Find relevant books, journal articles and websites

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Finding statistical data

This class will introduce a number of key statistical websites and other resources to use when sourcing statistics. It will include both Australian and international sources eg: Australian Bureau of Statistics, SourceOECD, World Bank, the United Nations, IBIS World and an effective Google search.

Before the class, we recommend you take a look at our Finding Statistics guide.

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Advanced database searching

This class covers key strategies to maximise relevant results from databases and develop a comprehensive search strategy for your topic - eg. when undertaking a literature review. It builds on the Starting your Assignment workshop.

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Tools for English Language Improvement

Come learn about all the great resources UTS Library offers for improving your English language skills. This hands-on workshop is aimed at students that want to:

  • Prepare for IELTS
  • Improve their business communication
  • Prepare for the job-seeking process
  • Improve their vocabulary, grammar and writing
  • Improve their study skills including critical thinking

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Procrastinate Later!

Procrastinate Later!

Do you struggle with procrastination? If you do, this workshop could help! This session is run by a trained UTS counsellor and covers understanding the causes of procrastination and how you can overcome them.


Procrastinate Later! Writing Boot Camp
Do you have trouble motivating yourself to get uni work done? If you do, this workshop could help by providing you with an environment to focus exclusively on your writing. Bring a project/assignment you're working on and need to make progress with.

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中文培训讲座 - Classes in Chinese



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