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Please submit a Reserve Request form (for staff) to have UTS Library books, audio-visual items, your own personal copies or other items placed in the Reserve under your name and subject.

What can you place in the Reserve Collection?

UTS Library items e.g. books, videos, DVDs, and recent issues of high-demand journals. You can also put in your own personal copies of books.

Note: Most subject readers are available for 7-day Loan. If required you can send an extra copy to Reserve.

How many copies of an item can be placed on Reserve?

Normally only one copy of an item is placed on Reserve, exceptions can be made, however, for very high demand items. If you think you may need more than one copy, please contact Reserve staff.

Please contact one of the Information Services Librarians serving your faculty if you think there are insufficient copies of an item in the Library.

How long will it take to put items on Reserve?

If your request is submitted at the beginning of University Session, when it is very busy, it may take up to two weeks to process. At other times your material should be processed within 48 hours of the Reserve receiving the material (excluding weekends).

Also processing may take up to two weeks if the item you require is a UTS Library item that is out on loan, or 14 weeks if the item has to be purchased from overseas.

How long will the material stay on Reserve?

We will normally retain or remove items according to your instructions. However, to ensure that underutilised material is not taking up valuable space in the Reserve, items will be removed that have not been borrowed from the Reserve for 12 months or more. You will be notified by email if this affects your Reserve material.

End of year email from the Reserve

An email will be sent to all lecturers with Reserve items in November each year seeking advice about their Reserve needs for the following year. The email will contain subject listings of all Reserve items currently held by the lecturer. Please reply to this email as promptly as possible.


Need help?

Contact Reserve by:
Tel: 9514 3367
Email: lib-reserve-cc@uts.edu.au

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