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Current Database Trials

The Library regularly arranges trials of new databases. Have a look at any of the current trials that are of interest to you and let us know what you think. Your feedback is appreciated.

JTP : a Bilingual Database of Chinese Academic Journals

Description: Journal Translation Project  (JTP) aims to help non-Chinese speaking scholars to access Chinese research findings by selecting and translating top Chinese academic Journal articles. These journals are selected considering their impact factors and journal ranking. The selected articles reflect Chinese academic innovation (science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, and more) on the research frontiers, internationally concerned issues of Chinese politics, economy development and so on.

Trial ends 21 August 2017
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Description: Reaxys offers a highly intuitive interface and robust database to help leading chemists retrieve relevant chemical literature, patent information, valid compound properties and experimental procedures in half the time.

Designed to support the full range of chemistry research, including pharmaceutical development, environmental health & safety work and material science, Reaxys puts every scientist, from novice to expert, on the shortest path to answers. With powerful search options and instant access to expertly curated chemical data, Reaxys helps chemists and researchers:

  • Discover chemical structures, properties and reactions
  • Find relevant chemistry literature and patents with ease
  • Construct queries with streamlined, intuitive interfaces

Solve chemistry research problems in half the time with Reaxys.

Trial ends 23 August 2017
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BMI Research

Description: BMI Research is a market intelligence platform that provides in-depth analysis of over 200 markets across 22 industry verticals, as well as country risk, financial markets and company intelligence. Aside from reports and articles, there are over two million lines of data, with forecasts of up to 10 years, and proprietary data tools such as risk/reward indices and key projects database for heavy industries.

For your reference, below is BMI Research coverage:

Country RiskFinancial MarketsOperational RiskCommodities
AgribusinessFreight Transport & ShippingMiningReal Estate
AutomotivesInformation TechnologyOli & GasRenewables
Commerical BankingInfrastructurePetrochemicalsRetail
Consumer ElectronicsInsurancePharmaceuticals & HealthcareTelecommunications
Defence & SecurityMedical DevicesPowerTourism
Food & DrinkMetals  

Trial ends 31 August 2017
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SciFinder - New platform

To access this trial users need to be registered on SciFinder:
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If you are already registered for SciFinder use your existing login details to access the New Platform:
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Description: SciFinder – New platform will provide new and unique authoritative content, superior functionality and enhanced workflow features to help researchers be exponentially more productive. Compared to other information products, researchers who are testing SciFinder - New platform are confirming this new solution is significantly faster, easier to use and returns the best answers to their queries. It will change the way scientists conduct research by providing access to expanded content along with the most relevant search results. Enhanced tools will help users optimally leverage information, dramatically reducing the time spent combing through answers. The entire research experience will be best in class, so users can quickly turn ideas into actions:  advancing promising new discoveries, validating research and dismissing less productive ideas.

Trial ends 31 August 2017
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Macquarie Dictionary and Thesaurus Online

Description: Macquarie Dictionary Online gives you access to the most up-to-date database of Australian English, with annual updates of new words, along with its companion reference the Macquarie Thesaurus.

The Macquarie Dictionary & Thesaurus Online features the following:

  • complete record of English as it is used in Australia, from the colourfully colloquial to the highly technical
  • thousands of new words and senses, such as fiscal cliff, social reading, apera, green tape, fugitive emissions, hobo glove, konjac, mummy blog, fibro majestic, blade runner, computer forensics. Words are constantly coming into use in Australian English, from many different sources
  • words relating to business, science and technology such as guanxi, rogue robot, silo mentality, growth hacking, crowdfunding, citizen science
  • words and phrases from regional Australia, many gathered from Australian Word Map, a joint online project of Macquarie and ABC Online, such as black snow, hydro pole, maisonette, marron, musset hut, nointer, schnitter
  • encyclopedic entries such as Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, Ban Ki-moon, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Haiyan
  • easy, comprehensive and interactive searching of over 138,000 headwords and phrases and over 210,000 definitions, with the ability to search either the dictionary, thesaurus or both
  • annual updates of words, definitions and encyclopedic entries
  • illustrative material from Ozcorp, Macquarie's database of Australian writing, which continues to be increased and updated
  • etymologies for words as well as for some of the more interesting phrases in English. Where does 'save someone's bacon' come from? And what about 'on the wallaby'?
  • extensive usage notes, audio pronunciations and extra features including grammar and punctuation guides, crossword resources, Word of the Day and Aussie Word of the Week

Trial ends 31 August 2017
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Description: Over 17,000 business and news sources make Nexis one of the most robust and complete research tools. Access thousands of newspapers, periodicals, television and radio broadcasts, newswires and blogs, as well as corporate directories and financial information. Search deep backfiles of local, regional and national newspapers from around the world-in English and many European languages.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to use – Nexis offers a streamlined, intuitive interface that makes it easy to conduct research.
  • Unmatched content – Nexis is recognised for its comprehensive range of premium licensed and web sources, including news, company, executive, industry, regulatory and legal information.
  • Relevant search results – With the flexibility to create simple or complex searches, you can quickly and efficiently retrieve targeted results.

Trial ends 23 September 2017
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