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Shut Up & Write

For PhD students and early career researchers

Shut Up and Write is a writing bootcamp run by UTS Library, and over the course of eight weeks we’ll provide you with an environment to focus exclusively on your writing. Each week we will ask you to come in, sit down, and write. No excuses.

It’s a simple method, but very effective. Shut Up and Write turns the initially daunting task of writing into something that simply occurs as an everyday activity. We’ll offer you the opportunity to shut out the world and make writing a habit. Soon enough, you’ll be writing freely and easily; simply because that’s what you’ve become used to.

Group 1

When: Every Tuesday from 26 August - 21 October

Time: Tuesdays @ 8am

Where: CB 02.04.20

For more information, or to reserve your place, please contact: sean.riley@uts.edu.au

Group 2

When: Every Monday from 22 September - 3 November

Time: Mondays @ 10am

Where: CB02.04.20

Contact: kimberley.williams@uts.edu.au



Hi, I cant see th new date

Amber Umair's picture
Amber Umair, 4 years ago

Hi, I cant see th new date and timings for this club. And th regiter tab is also not there

Hi Amber, 

UTS Library's picture
UTS Library, 4 years ago

Hi Amber, 

Our apologies for not updating the webpage. You have already registered for this prorgam and I'll email through the details this afternoon.


Hi Ibrahim thanks fro your

Jemima's picture
Jemima, 3 years ago

Hi Ibrahim thanks fro your suggestion! UTS Counselling Service runs something similar for undergraduates and we've had a chat to them about running sessions in the library. If and when we run workshops they'll be in the events calendar.

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