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The Earth Hour Story - Talk it Up! Forum

Talk it up! @ UTS:Library

UTS Library together with UTS Green, UTS Housing and UTS BUiLD, will be hosting The Earth Hour Story, Talk it Up! Forum. 

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) are the lead organisers for Earth Hour and will this year be presenting The Earth Hour Story. They will discuss the history of how Earth Hour started in Australia and the magnitude of impact it has had on the international front. What Earth Hour has become today, and it's importance as a vehicle for the sustainability message and future opportunities. They will also be addressing the need for active global citizenry and the role that an individual can play in bringing about change in today's busy, inter-connected world. Finally, an overview of some of the conservation projects so crucial to the work that WWF carries out around the globe.

The talk will be lead by Reece Proudfoot, the Project Manager for Earth Hour Australia. Accompanying Reece will be Marni Ryan, WWF National Manager and Tim Cronin, WWF Sustainable Forest and Palm Oil Manager.

So bring your lunch and join us for what promises to be an interesting talk.

Date: Wednesday, 28 March
Time: 1pm - 2pm
Venue: Lecture Room 4.g, Level 4, City Campus Library

This is a free event.
All are welcome.
No RSVP or booking is required.


View the video of the The Earth Hour Story, Talk it Up! Forum below
or download the .m4v video file from UTSePress: The Earth Hour Story.


Hi, is that possible to add

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Xuanlong, 6 years ago

Hi, is that possible to add 'Export to Calendar (iCal, google calendar, etc.)' function to such announcement?  

That's a great suggestion

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Angry Asian Lib..., 6 years ago

That's a great suggestion Xuanlong! Our web team has just announced that this functionality will be implemented soon, along with several other scheduled event enhancements.

Hopefully it will be up this

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UTS Library, 6 years ago

Hopefully it will be up this week watch the news items. I will also add a link to this event once it is up.

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