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Are you a Business or IT Student? Search Gartner

Are you a Business or IT Student?

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Gartner is the industry leading consulting firm providing independant research and analysis on a wide range of Information Technology topics. Garnter Core Research is an online Information Technology database. Research is conducted by highly skilled industrly analysts producing over 150 000 documents. Providing insightful and practical advice from around the world and covering a varied set of topics including Asset Management, Web Services, Emerging Trends and Technologies and Regulatory Compliance.


Since this is the top search

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Kevin, 3 years ago

Since this is the top search item for "Gartner Database" it would be helpful if there was a link available with this post. Or otherwise push it down the search results list

Hi Kevin

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UTS Library, 3 years ago

Hi Kevin

I have added in a link. Thanks for the feedback.

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