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New books in OverDrive

A Season For Scandal - Kate Greville

OverDrive offers hundreds of popular audiobooks and ebooks for loan.

Recent additions include:

You can access OverDrive from Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.


I think there should be more

Cheng Hoon's picture
Cheng Hoon, 6 years ago

I think there should be more new books other than the ones above - I have downloaded all of Michael Connelly - they are great - a break from our research reading. Also the non fiction I have read Siddharta - Herman Hesse and Steve Jobs biography and Stephen King

The text publishing company - I do not think is a good read.

It's great to know you're

Belinda's picture
Belinda, 6 years ago

It's great to know you're enjoying our ebooks from Overdrive! We're adding new books all the time and always welcome ideas for new titles.


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