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The Land Remembers – artwork on display in the Library until 6 July

Aunty Joan Tranter and Jane Nicol. Photo courtesy of Mervyn Bishop

“The Land Remembers” – Reconciliation Week 2012

The UTS Library, in collaboration with the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, hosted a seminar on 30 May 2012 for National Reconciliation Week. The event showcased a series of paintings by artist Jane Nicol titled The Land Remembers.

Jumbunna Elder in Residence, Aunty Joan Tranter invited Jane to exhibit her work as a way of encouraging discussions about reconciliation. While speaking to staff and students Jane explained that the paintings are of memories and wisdom of the land, of Aboriginal people who were connected to and responsible for maintaining the health of the land.  Jane explains:

“To survive and restore what has been lost we all need Reconciliation; a restoring of respect between Westernised society and the Traditional Owners and Caretakers of the land, and also a restoring of respect for the Land, through its restoration to their care.”

The paintings will be on display on Level 3 of the Library until 6 July 2012. 

The event was kindly supported by the UTS Equity and Diversity Unit and the UTS Gallery.

For more information on the artist Jane Nicol please visit http://www.janenicol.com/

For more information on National Reconciliation Week 2012 please visit: http://www.reconciliation.org.au/nrw

Photo: Aunty Joan Tranter and Jane Nicol. Photo courtesy of Mervyn Bishop