UTS Library

Shelf Life - Selected work from the UTS Library Aritist in Residence, Chris Gaul


On show from 1-24 August 2012
DAB LAB Research Gallery

What if you could wear a pair of headphones and wander library shelves listening to the babble of books reading themselves loud? What if you could tune into different frequencies of books, or use their call numbers to call them on the telephone?

Shelf Life is an exhibition of selected works from the UTS Library Artist in Residence, Chris Gaul, exploring creative approaches for understanding the Librarys collections.

As the UTS Library prepares to store eighty percent of its collection in an automated underground retrieval system, the nature of computer interfaces for exploring the collection and browsing books is ever more relevant. Rather than being sterile and uninspiring, these interfaces can be creative, unexpected tools that encourage playful exploration and serendipitous discovery.

A collaboration with UTS Interactivation Studio