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Library PressDisplay: 2200+ newspapers and magazines

Library PressDisplay

Provides online access to over 2200 newspapers and magazines from 97 countries in 54 languages, displayed in their original format and accessible by country, language, or title.

Includes newspapers from Thailand, China, Sweden, South Korea, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Ireland, Israel, France, South Africa, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, United States of America (USA) and other countries in Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, North and South America, Oceania.

Great resource for your studies and leisure reading!


We're investigating this for

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Nadine, 2 years ago

We're investigating this for you, at the moment PressDisplay is available via your PC/Mac.

Hi Louise, could you send a

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Nadine, 1 year ago

Hi Louise, could you send a pm to nadine.thorpe@uts.edu.au with more details? Where you are accessing from, what you are using etc. Mobile access to the Press Reader app is available in the library only, but you should be able to access PressDisplay from your PC/MAC both on and off campus.

So I can't access any

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Nam, 8 months ago

So I can't access any newpapers from Australia because I'm currently in Australia? That's really stupid. Does the UTS library have the physical papers availble here?

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