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Recent editions to our Electronic Collection include:

People's daily (Ren min ri bao dian zi ban) : Since its first publication in June 1946, the People's Daily has published daily issues that provide the single location where the central government of China and the Communist Party of China announce their respective policies and disseminate governmental, political, and economic messages to the public and the world. The People's Daily includes a backfile of full-text articles of the Chinese language daily newspaper. Articles are fully searchable and available in both text and pdf formats.

China doctoral dissertations full-text database (Zhongguo shuoshi xuewei lunwen quanwen shujuku) : This database provides access to the full-texts of 490.000 master theses from more than 400 universities in the PRC, from 1999 to the current date (for the foreseeable future). The theses are downloadable in PDF format, either as a whole or in chapters or per page. A full-text search is possible, as well as searching for subject, title, author, affiliation, and more. UTS subscription covers (F) Literature/ History/ Philosophy; (G) Politics/ Military Affairs/ Law; (H) Education & Social Sciences; (J) Economics & Management.

LexisNexis practical guidance : provides guidance, primary law, precedents, forms and excerpts from LexisNexis commentary.

APS Journal Legacy Content : provides access to the online content from all American Physiological Society research journals from 1898 to 1996-1998, depending on the journal.

British Pharmacopoeia : is the official collection of standards for UK medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances. Produced by the British Pharmacopoeia Commission Secretariat of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, the BP makes a valuable contribution to public health by setting publicly available standards for the quality of medicines.

Incites : is a customized, citation-based research evaluation tool on the Web that enables you to analyze institutional productivity and benchmark your output against peers worldwide. With customized citation data, global metrics, and multidimensional profiles on the leading research institutions, InCites gives comprehensive insight into your institution’s performance. Containing visualization and reporting tools, you can conduct in-depth analyses of your institution's role in research, as well as produce focused snapshots that showcase particular aspects of research performance.

Australian construction law bulletin: provides topical articles on construction law and related issues. News, analysis, legislation and detailed reports on both reported and unreported cases are gathered and condensed to form a practical and accessible source of relevant information. Presenting a diversity of opinions from experts in the field, Australian Construction Law Bulletin keeps subscribers in touch with current thinking on: *Security of payment; *Contractual issues between parties (architects, builders, contractors and subcontractors); *Compensation issues; *Delays; *Defective work; *Financial considerations; *Disputes resolved outside the court system.

Australian insurance law bulletin: provides topical articles on insurance law. News, analysis, policy, legislation, case law and listings of conferences and seminars relevant to insurers and their legal advisers are gathered and condensed to form a practical and accessible source of relevant information.

Australian product liability reporter : provides topical articles on product liability law. News, analysis, policy, legislation and case law are gathered and condensed to form a practical and accessible source of relevant information.
Presenting a diversity of opinions from experts in the field, Australian Product Liability Reporter covers Australian and international developments, keeping practitioners in touch with current thinking on rights and remedies arising out of loss or damage caused by defective or unsafe products. It covers product bans and recalls, current government initiatives, judgments and settlements.

Internet law bulletin  : provides topical articles on all areas of law as they relate to the internet. News, analysis, policy, legislation and case law are gathered and analysed to create a practical and accessible source of information on significant developments in the field of internet law.
Presenting a diversity of opinions from experts in the field, the Internet Law Bulletin covers Australian and international developments, keeping legal practitioners and policy makers in touch with current thinking on issues such as privacy, crime, intellectual property, domain names and jurisdiction as they relate to the internet.

Risk management today : provides commentary and summaries of new legislation, recent research studies and surveys from around the world on areas that impact corporate risk. These include security, fraud prevention, OH&S, strategy and contingency planning, corporate governance, compliance and liability, crisis management and business continuity and sustainability.

Art and Architecture in Video : This collection brings together films documenting the global ideas, creations, and personalities that shape art and architecture. It includes biographies, profiles of contemporary artists and architects, interviews, surveys of art history, aesthetics, theory, criticism, and more, spanning from Greek and Roman forms to the modern.

Health and Society in Video : defines and explores medical progress in health and wellness issues. The collection uses documentaries, profiles, reports, and interviews to bridge the gap between medical research and public understanding of health. The videos are designed for use by students, instructors, and the general population to better understand the realities of illness, wellness, and the modern healthcare system. Focus is on public health and medicine, epidemiology, pathology, geronotology, nutrition and wellness, childhood development, cultural and environmental health issues, mental health, and the experience of living with chronic conditions and diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, cognitive disorders, fibromyalgia, and obesity.

Nursing Education in Video  : gives faculty and students anywhere-anytime access to Medcom's highly regarded library of full-length training programs -- online in streaming video -- with all of the search power and advanced functionality that Alexander Street's video collections deliver. As a single, cross-searchable collection, Nursing Education in Video covers the fundamentals of nurse training and advanced topics.

Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video : This video collection is assembled for the study of human movement, conditioning, performance, rehabilitation, and physical education. Developed through an exclusive partnership with Healthy Learning, the world's leading producer of sports medicine videos, this collection contains more than 750 hours of streaming video.

Early Experiences in Australasia: Primary Sources and Personal Narratives. 1788-1901 : Provides a unique and personal view of events in the region from the arrival of the first settlers through to Australian Federation at the close of the nineteenth century. Through first-person accounts, including letters and diaries, narratives, and other primary source materials, to hear the voices of the time and understand the experiences of those who took the great challenge in new lands.

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