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POWER OUTAGE UPDATE: MyLibrary back online!

10:00PM - 18 August: MyLibrary is back online!

1:40PM - 18 August: UTS Library and Building 5 will be open tomorrow!

I am very pleased to be able to report that Building 5 will be fully operational again from 8:00AM tomorrow (Monday) morning.

Some staff (in Building 5 and elsewhere) might experience telephone problems.

The Library website and servers have successly been moved back to the Haymarket Campus.

We thank you for your patience over this past week.

3:55PM - 16 August 2013: Progress being made on Haymarket Campus

First, many thanks for your cooperation throughout the week - the incident has caused significant disruption and inconvenience, and I very much appreciate your patience and flexibility as Sydney Water and Ausgrid worked to restore their respective water and power services.

The team from Facilities Management Office (FMO) are making great progress and while nothing is certain, we are quietly confident that Building 5 will be fully operational again by first thing Monday morning, the Library will re-open and all classes resumed as scheduled.

Regards Ross Milbourne

5:40PM - 14 August 2013: BROADCAST from the Vice-Chancellor

I am pleased to report that progress is being made. Sydney Water has now repaired its mains and Ausgrid estimate that its repairs will be completed by late tomorrow (Thursday) or early Friday. When power from the grid has been fully restored, the team from UTS Facilities Management will be able to finish its repairs to the electricity switch room that was flooded last weekend. This work will take a couple of days but we are confident that Building 5 will be fully operational by first thing Monday morning.


While this is good news and we do not anticipate further disruptions, I recommend students regularly check (particularly over the weekend) the following information sources, which members of the Emergency Team will make every effort to update these sites with the latest information:

  1. UTS Library website (lib.uts.edu.au)
  2. The SAU home page (sau.uts.edu.au)
  3. Your Faculty’s home pages
  4. The UTS home page (uts.edu.au) - please note the UTS Home Page will only be used if all other options are unavailable

Again, I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you all – particularly those of you affected by the incident – for your resilience and your flexibility (two terrific graduate attributes to possess).

Regards Ross Milbourne

UPDATE 4:50PM - 14 August 2013: Library closure extended

UTS Library City Campus will remain closed for the rest of the week and will not open before Monday, 19th August at the earliest. More work is required over the next few days and testing still has to happen over the weekend.

An official broadcast email will be sent out shortly with more information.

UPDATE 3:50PM - 14 August 2013: Find articles is back!

The SFX server has been restored. Full text link resolving in Find Articles and the Catalogue is now working (slowly).

UPDATE 8:00AM - 14 August 2013

Still no power to UTS Library or Building 5, an update for tomorrow will be available this afternoon.

UPDATE 11:30AM - 13 August 2013

While the situation deteriorated over night, it has been restored to the same state as what it was yesterday. 

So as it stands:

  • Building 6 is open. 
  • Building 5 including the City Campus Library are still closed up to and including Wednesday 14 August. 
  • All classes and workshops scheduled in Building 5 and the Library have been cancelled. 
  • The Library has restored limited online services to assist students with their studies.
  • No fines will apply over this period see News item Items on Loan

Need help? Contact us

There is a possibility that Building 5 and the Library may be closed for the remainder of the week. A notification will go out Wednesday informing students of the situation.

UPDATE 2:30AM - 13 August 2013: Single sign on is back online!

The Library's single sign on system is back up and working. You can now access online databases using Find Databases.

It may be running a little slow at times, so please be patient.

UPDATE 12:20AM - 13 August 2013: Power is slowly being restored to the UTS / Broadway area. Online services will be coming on line progressively - starting with UTS email services.

Follow UTS Library on Facebook for up-to-date information.

UPDATE 10:10PM - 12 August 2013: All UTS online services are currently offline, including UTSOnline and email.

AusGrid is currently working to fix a massive power outage affecting UTS and the Broadway area. This is affecting all UTS Online services, including UTSOnline and email. We have no ETA at this time.

We sincerly apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Follow @ausgrid for updates.

UPDATE 9:18PM - 12 August 2013: Single sign on is currently off line. We have no ETA at this time.

Due to the power outage affecting Ultimo, My Library (and associated borrowing services) will be offline until further notice.

As you may be aware, a burst water main has disrupted power supply to the university and surrounding businesses.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we assure you that staff have been working around the clock to remedy this situation. 

We understand your frustrations and we will keep you informed via Facebook and Twitter with regular updates.

No access to MyLibrary means students will not be able to:

  • Renew Books
  • Place Requests
  • Place BONUS+ requests
  • Place Interlibrary loans requests
  • Place ArticleReach requests
  • No AV requests for class screenings can be made at this time. (If AV material is available at Kuring-gai Campus Library, staff will need to go to Kuring-gai to borrow as inter campus deliveries are currently not available.)

Please rest assured that NO FINES WILL APPLY during this outage.


The good news is you can

Jemima's picture
Jemima, 4 years ago

The good news is you can still search the catalogue and databases! They may be a bit slow so be patient :-) 

Hi Kai, database access is

Steven's picture
Steven, 4 years ago

Hi Kai, database access is very slow at the moment. Were you receiving an error message or was it just timing out?


I have a book due today. As

Bich Trang's picture
Bich Trang, 4 years ago

I have a book due today. As library is closed and my library is offline, how can I renew it? Will there any fine be applied?

Don't worry, because of the

Steven's picture
Steven, 4 years ago

Don't worry, because of the system downtime all loans have been extended automatically til next Monday 19th August,


I really need to get full

Denise's picture
Denise, 4 years ago

I really need to get full text access to journal articles, but SFX is timimg out :(

Thank you, I will. I wasn't

Denise's picture
Denise, 4 years ago

Thank you, I will. I wasn't sure if there would be anyone available, given the circumstances.

A lot of us are working

UTS Library's picture
UTS Library, 4 years ago

A lot of us are working online from home and Kuring-gai Campus Library is still operational.

I have reserved a book from

Stefany's picture
Stefany, 4 years ago

I have reserved a book from Kuring-Gai Library to be picked up in city's library due today (Tuesday 13/8). Will it be kept longer and will I get a further notice? thank you.

Hi Stefany,

Librarian Ashley's picture
Librarian Ashley, 4 years ago

Hi Stefany,

I can assure you that all UTS items waiting to be picked up on the holds shelves at the City Campus Library will have their pick up times extended. You will be able to collect your book once the Library is open. At this stage I'm still awaiting confirmation about when the library will open, please keep an eye on this page or our facebook site for updates.
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