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Fines Amnesty

UTS Library will be having a 2 week Fines Amnesty starting Monday 19 August and concluding at 6pm Sunday, 1 September.

All overdue and recalled books (except the Reserve Collection ) out on loan can be returned and will not incur any fines. However, if you do have any overdue Reserve items on loan please come to the Enquiries and Loans desk at the City Campus Library when it reopens and speak with Library staff.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the Fines Amnesty has concluded at 6pm Sunday, 1 September any outstanding overdue and recalled items (including BONUS+ and Interlibrary Loans) will automatically
calculate amount owing from the original due date of the item, that is, fines will be backdated to the original due date.

So it is important that you return your overdue items to avoid this fine.

The Fines Amnesty is our way of apologising for the inconvenience caused by the library closure and saying Thank You for your patience and understanding.


please can we have amnesty of

Jennifer's picture
Jennifer, 4 years ago

please can we have amnesty of our old fines too?? i accidently kept my books over the holidays... it really adds up!

Hi Jennifer,

Sharlene Scobie's picture
Sharlene Scobie, 4 years ago

Hi Jennifer,


Unfortunately, the fines amnesty doesn’t apply to old fines accrued, only fines accrued as a result of the UTS Library City closure during the power outage.

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