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Feeling Stressed? Take Emotional Responsibility Now!


The MYTERN City app helps you to retrain your brain to handle the daily stressors of life, helping to increase your emotional intelligence, health and resilience. The app delivers a message from Monday to Friday at random times within the hours of your choice. Each message reinforces and prompts you to practise the MYTERN skill, making it a part of your everyday life. You receive 100 messages within the app. Once used, you have the choice to continue with the original bank of messages or to purchase more. 

Find MYTERN City in either the Apple App Store* or Google Play Store (Android).

Have you used the app? Let us know what you think!

Instructions for using the app

  1. Download MYTERN City (not MYTERN)
  2. Allow notifications
  3. Choose either FUN or CLEAN skin (this can be changed later)
  4. Scroll down and select ‘Create new account’
  5. Enter your code: STU2015
  6. Fill out your details on the next screen
  7. Watch the tutorial
  8. Go to PETs > My PETs and upload your own photos that make you feel good
  9. If you only want to see photos that you have uploaded, go to MORE > PET Display Type and choose ‘My PETs only

Message from the app will be sent Monday to Friday. If you wish to receive these at a specific time, go to MORE > Schedule Messages. Otherwise, the messages will appear randomly between 9am and 5pm.

* Note on an iPad: Where 
it says iPad only, change 
to iPhone only from the dropdown menu in the top left corner.

Please note: the information in this news article is based on the information available on the iTunes App Store. Various faculties at UTS are currently trialling this app.


I took a look at the MYTERN

Student's picture
Student, 3 years ago

I took a look at the MYTERN website. A readily accessible privacy statement was notably missing. This may well be a helpful app but the absence of any information about how users private data is collected, retained, shared or otherwise re-used is unhelpful.

An additional concern is that the information in this UTS Library entry is identical with the information provided by MYTERN on its itune entry for its own product. Has UTS or the UTS LIbrary checked the claims made by MYTERN and verified them?

If not, why does UTS/UTS Library provide what is essentially advertorial space?

Hi, thanks for your comments

Jemima's picture
Jemima, 3 years ago

Hi, thanks for your comments regarding privacy, we will pass them on to the creator of the app Dr Jane Foster. MYTERN City is being promoted on the library website because it has proven effective in helping students at other universities and is currently being trialled by a at least 4 faculties on campus. It has support at the highest levels in the university. There's more information on the website http://www.myterncity.com.au/




Thanks Jemima. I am very much

Student's picture
Student, 3 years ago

Thanks Jemima. I am very much in favour of UTS doing all it can to assist students with physical and mental well-being.

But allow me to clarify my second concern - unless UTS is in the business of up-selling apps, the information in your response is all information that should be provided briefly in the blurb, for this or any other app, unless the entry makes it clear that it is based on information supplied by the provider. 


Thanks again, we will discuss

Jemima's picture
Jemima, 3 years ago

Thanks again, we will discuss your second concern and amend where needed. The app is free for UTS students with no end date at this time,


Hi, I download the App, after

Andres Felipe's picture
Andres Felipe, 3 years ago

Hi, I download the App, after entering the access code UTS2015 it says: Confirmation code is not correct. Has the enter code been changed?


Hi Andres, the confirmation

UTS Library's picture
UTS Library, 3 years ago

Hi Andres, the confirmation code is STU2015. Please let us know if that doesn't work.

Can you please share what

Devesh's picture
Devesh, 3 years ago

Can you please share what science or data backs this app versus others out there?

Also, are we part of an experiment when using this app?

Hi Gloria, apparently the

Jemima's picture
Jemima, 2 years ago

Hi Gloria, apparently the same code should work. Could you try a different browser or let me know what happens when you try and put the code in?



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