UTS Library

Adjustable Height Desks

Adjustable Height Desk sticker

We’ve recently introduced adjustable height desks at UTS Library. These can be raised or lowered to a height most comfortable to you, and can also be used as standing workstations. There are 17 adjustable height desks in the Library:

Level 3 – 5

Level 4 – 9

Level 5 – 3

Look out for the ‘adjustable height desk’ sticker. Simply press both switches in the same direction to adjust the height of the desk.

Recent health research suggests that too much sitting is bad for your health, and is even linked to higher levels of cardiovascular disease, obesity, back pain and digestive problems. Making the decision to stand and work improves your metabolism and helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels. Try it today!

Adjustable Height Desk in use