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Kuring-gai Campus Library Closure

The Kuring-gai Campus Library closed its doors on the 27th of November 2015.

Previous Notice:

Starting Monday 16 November 2015, LRS requests, BONUS+ requests and InterCampus deliveries will no longer be delivered to the Kuring-gai Campus Library. 

If staff and students require materials to be sent to Kuring-gai, they will need to contact Mark Christopher on mark.christopher@uts.edu.au or call 02 9514 3365 to have this arranged. 

The Library has been archiving photos of the Kuring-Gai Campus through the years – take a look!

You can read more about the closure of the Kuring-gai Campus on the UTS Newsroom website.


Hi, I wonder where the

Chau Au's picture
Chau Au, 2 years ago

Hi, I wonder where the teaching curriculum resources and picture books will be located in the City campus?

They will be ready for

UTS Library's picture
UTS Library, 2 years ago

They will be ready for Semester 1 and will be located on Level 4 of the City Campus Library.

When I attempted to order a

Student's picture
Student, 2 years ago

When I attempted to order a book  that is shown as being located at Kuringai in the catalogue, I was unable to request a pick up at the city because 'a local copy is available'. There is only 1 copy of this book.  Does this mean that the copy is actually on the shelves in the city? Or is it currently in a transitional void?


Sharlene Scobie's picture
Sharlene Scobie, 2 years ago


Any items that you need from KC to be delivered to CC you can arrange by contacting Mark Christopher with your details and the items details.  He will then arrange a transfer for the item you need.

You can contact him by emailing mark.christopher@uts.edu.au 

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