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FRIDAY: Green Week 2017 - Edible Weeds Walk and Talk with Diego Bonetti

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UTS Library is hosting a FREE workshop - Edible Weeds Walk and Talk with Diego Bonetto - as part of our Green Week 2017 events program. 

1:00 - 3:00 PM
Friday 26th May
Meet outside the UTS Library 

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Naturalist Diego Bonetto will introduce you to the wonders and possibilities of edible weeds on a two-hour urban tour. To some, plants like plantain, dandelion, chickweed, and sow-thistle are a nuisance - to others, they are a delicious salad and seasonal treat. Learn about the most common species growing in your garden, along the green belts, and in parks and reserves. Find out how they have been used for food, craft, and natural remedies. Discover ways to safely harvest the urban ‘wild’ and enrich your diet with vitamins and minerals. 

If the weather is wet, we're still on - we'll just be hosting the talk indoors instead. 

About Diego Benetto

Diego is an edible weeds advocate based in Sydney, most known for his urban foraging workshops.

Building on knowledge he acquired while growing up on a farm in Italy, Diego introduces people to the ever-present food and medicinal plants that surround us. He collaborates extensively with chefs, herbalists, environmentalists and cultural workers to promote new understandings of what the environment has to offer.

This event is delivered as part of the UTS Library's Green Week 2017 Program.


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