UTS Library

International Games Week 2017

Games at UTS Library

Need to destress a little during exams? 

Well, in addition to exam week, it's International Games Week, so UTS Library will also be running a set of five 'happy hour' board game sessions from 5-6 pm in the Games Room each day next week. The games are:

Monday, 30 October
Wits & Wagers - Answer some easier questions than your exams with a pop-trivia game. (Unlimited players, so just drop in!)

Tuesday, 31 October
Betrayal at House on the Hill - For Halloween, come together for a spooky haunted house game. (Six players)

Wednesday, 1 November
Pandemic - Can you save humanity from extinction at the hands of a terrifying disease? (Four players)

Thursday, 2 November
Coup OR The Resistance - Thrilling bluffing games of lies and deceit! (Ten players)

Friday, 3 November
Qwirkle - Finish off the week with a light hearted game of abstract strategy.

Please feel free to come to as many as you want!