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Introducing the "EnergyPod"

Feeling tired, needing to recharge? Have a rest in the EnergyPod  - a purpose designed "napping" chair.
Located near the rear stairwell on Level 2.

Did you know that a 20-minute nap is beneficial for your well-being and productivity; improving alertness, learning, creativity, mood, reducing stress and the risk of heart disease? The EnergyPod will be available on a first in best-dressed basis, however please be mindful to keep your power naps to the recommended daily dosage. 

Features include:

  • Automatic 20 minute timer - for optimum nap time
  • Reclining, ergonomic and adjustable chair
  • Privacy Visor - this screen can be pulled across manually to darken the space and create seclusion. The EnergyPod’s sphere provides semi-privacy without being overly enclosing. 
  • Noise cancelling headphones that play music unique to each of the three key phases of a short sleep experience: hypnologic (inducing); rest (maintaining); and hypnopompic (waking).
  • Space for your personal items and simple interface located on the right arm rest.