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Current Database Trials

The Library regularly arranges trials of new databases. Have a look at any of the current trials that are of interest to you and let us know what you think. Your feedback is appreciated.

Science Robotics

Description: The advancement of engineering in robotics has become a global STEM priority, and related research is growing rapidly. Science Robotics meets this demand by providing a central forum for the communication of breakthroughs and discoveries in the ever-expanding field of robotics.

Science Robotics will publish original, peer-reviewed, science-based research articles that advance the field of robotics. The journal will also feature editor-commissioned reviews.

Science Robotics, an online-only journal, is expected to publish upward of 150 original, peer-reviewed research articles per year, all with the same intellectual rigor found in Science itself.

Trial ends 23 June 2017
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Science Immunology

Description: Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture, 1790-1920 presents the broadest and deepest collection of materials supporting the study of nineteenth-century criminal history, law, literature, and justice. This quintessential resource enhances understanding of the intersection of law and society during a pivotal era of social change.

Trial ends 23 June 2017
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Science Translational Medicine

Description: Translational research that matters for human health, filling the knowledge gaps between research and medical application.

  • Studies in humans of human tissue that provide new information about therapies or disease
  • Results from animal models that are likely to apply to patients
  • Innovative reports of drug discovery and development

Trial ends 23 June 2017
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China Comprehensive Gazetteers

Description: China Comprehensive Gazetteers have been staples for research on China, combining features of local atlases, directories, and statistical compendia. With highly annotated sources, Chinese gazetteers typically offer biographies of leading civic figures; maps; chronologies of major events such as natural disasters; demographic and ethnic information; economic activity and key industries; and provincial/municipal administration summaries.

Gazetteers collectively offer a unique and unparalleled picture of China’s local history for the thousand-year period between the Song Dynasty and Mao’s ascent. East View has scanned and added text to over half of the 6,584 titles (overwhelmingly difangzhi, representing 96,425 volumes) published between 1229 and 1949 from the National Library of China’s extensive collection, mounting them on a secure US-based platform that automatically resolves traditional and simplified Chinese characters.

Trial ends 30 June 2017
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Thomson Innovation

Description: Patent and intellectual property (IP) database Thomson Innovation provides access to full-text patents and published applications from the United states, Europe and Asia, plus news, trade publications and scientific literature. Analysis and visualisation tools enable users to identify key technologies, trends and competitors.

Login details: To access the trial please fill in the submission form and include your UTS email address, your username and password will be sent within 24 hours from Thomson Innovation.

Trial ends 10 July 2017
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Description: Reaxys offers a highly intuitive interface and robust database to help leading chemists retrieve relevant chemical literature, patent information, valid compound properties and experimental procedures in half the time.

Designed to support the full range of chemistry research, including pharmaceutical development, environmental health & safety work and material science, Reaxys puts every scientist, from novice to expert, on the shortest path to answers. With powerful search options and instant access to expertly curated chemical data, Reaxys helps chemists and researchers:

  • Discover chemical structures, properties and reactions
  • Find relevant chemistry literature and patents with ease
  • Construct queries with streamlined, intuitive interfaces

Solve chemistry research problems in half the time with Reaxys.

Trial ends 21 July 2017
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BMI Research

Description: BMI Research is a market intelligence platform that provides in-depth analysis of over 200 markets across 22 industry verticals, as well as country risk, financial markets and company intelligence. Aside from reports and articles, there are over two million lines of data, with forecasts of up to 10 years, and proprietary data tools such as risk/reward indices and key projects database for heavy industries.

For your reference, below is BMI Research coverage:

Country Risk Financial Markets Operational Risk Commodities
Agribusiness Freight Transport & Shipping Mining Real Estate
Automotives Information Technology Oli & Gas Renewables
Commerical Banking Infrastructure Petrochemicals Retail
Consumer Electronics Insurance Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Telecommunications
Defence & Security Medical Devices Power Tourism
Food & Drink Metals    


Trial ends 13 August 2017
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