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Current Database Trials

The Library regularly arranges trials of new databases. Have a look at any of the current trials that are of interest to you and let us know what you think. Your feedback is appreciated.

Women's wear daily archive

Description: A comprehensive archive of Women's Wear Daily, from the first issue in 1910 to material from within the last twelve months, reproduced in high-resolution images. Every page, article, advertisement and cover has been included, with searchable text and indexing. The Women's Wear Daily Archive preserves one of the fashion industry's most influential reads. Key moments in the history of the industry, as well as major designers, brands, retailers and advertisers are all covered in this publication of record.

Trial ends 14 November 2014
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HelpMePublish (HMP)

Description: HMP is an iPhone/iPad app which collates information from over 1,250 journal editors including style of peer review (single-, double-blind, open peer etc.), acceptance rates, open access policies, publication fees etc.  Information that is not readily available to academics. Academic users from accredited institutions can also rate any of the 5,500 journals (across Arts, Commerce and Science) for which we have content for within the app - essentially crowd-sourcing functionality.

The aim of the HMP Project is to give researchers relevant and accurate information to use in choosing journals in which to publish their research – all based on the experience their peers have had with that journal.

HMP will give everyone in UTS full access to all the journal data, search etc. for all the subject areas (Chemistry - Computing - Ecology - Economics - Education - English - Evolution - Genetics - Geography - Marketing - Media, Film & Communication - Philosophy - Physical Education - more coming soon.. ).Researchers will benefit from the journal information, specialised search and filter capabilities and crowdsourced researcher data in HMP.

Getting Started with HMP in 5 quick steps

  1. Download the HMP app from the iOS app store*.
  2. Open the app, tap on Account and then on Register Now.
  3. Enter your institutional email address
  4. Click on the authentication link in the email we send you.
  5. Go back to the Account pane in the app and tap on Refresh registration status and you're done.

You now have all the HMP data on every journal in every subject area.

Help sheets 

* If you have trouble finding the app, go to HelpMePublish.org and click on the App Store button

Trial ends 16 November 2014
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Australian book review

Description: ABR is one of Australia's leading cultural magazines; it publishes essays, book reviews, arts commentary, new fiction, and poetry. A range of literary events and programs throughout the year are included such as the ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize, the Peter Porter Poetry Prize and the Calibre Prize which are all open internationally.

Trial ends 25 November 2014
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Internurse.com/MA Healthcare archive

Description: Internurse.com is the UK's largest collection of peer-reviewed nursing content, and home of the British Journal of Nursing. Internurse.com covers primary and secondary care settings as well as the whole spectrum of specialist nursing practice including cardiology, neuroscience, mental health, palliative care and wound care.

Trial ends 30 November 2014
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