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Description: Access the world’s largest specialised online archive of engineering and technology content with IET.tv.

IET.tv features over 4,500 video presentations from a range of IET events, lectures, seminars and conferences as well as other organisations’ events and expert interviews. Lecturers also frequently use IET.tv content to include in their coursework.

Available on 15 channels (8 dynamic IET technology channels and 7 informative and engaging free to views channels) aimed at the academic and research, corporate and practising engineer, this world-leading video content covers core engineering and technology topics.

IET.tv video content includes:

  • Lectures and presentations from major IET events
  • Product demonstrations and showcases
  • Interviews with experts from industry and academia
  • Research seminars from universities and research institutions


  • Streaming live or on-demand
  • Slides synchronised with video and audio
  • YouTube channel access
  • Tablet and mobile ready, new for 2014
  • Fast access to content with slide sorter navigation
  • A range of content types: lectures, presentations, conferences, seminars

Trial ends 30 September 2014
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Smithsonian Collections Online: World’s Fairs and Expositions, 1840 – 1940

Description: From their beginning in 1851, World Fairs and Expositions were momentous events within their host cities as well as for the millions of people who travelled from different parts of the globe to attend them. This new digital collection from the archives of the Smithsonian Institute presents all printed and other contemporary materials concerning World Fairs and Expositions between 1840 and 1940 for the first time. In one sense this Collection can be looked upon as a History of Inventions, as it offers detailed documentation and commentary with regard to exhibits at World Fairs and Exposition and as it tracks the progress of technology through this hundred-year period. This Collection also, however, can be researched from cultural and cross-cultural perspectives, given that nations from all corners of the globe were showcasing themselves at these events. The actual materials that have been digitised for this archive include: The Books of Fairs Microfilm (174 Reels), Official Histories of the events; Exhibition Programmes and Catalogues; commemorative accounts, visitors’ guides, descriptive accounts, promotional materials for the events, and more. Fairs and Expositions held in Australia, together with Australian Exhibits at other Fairs and expositions in other parts of the world, feature in this Collection.

Trial ends 29 August 2014
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Smithsonian Collections Online: Trade Literature & Merchandising, 1820 - 1923

Description: This Collection consists of the trade catalogues, sell sheets, printed lists, promotional materials and ephemera produced by companies in several core industries in Manufacturing and Transportation throughout the nineteenth century. It allows a researcher to examine issues such as the development of machinery, changing tastes and styles in furniture and cars, the History of Marketing and Management, and the correlation between progress in technology and national identity. This Collection illustrates the Smithsonian vision for Valuing World Culturesinsofar as Industrialization and the Consumer Revolution were experiences undergone throughout all of the western world, not just America (home to the Smithsonian Institute). This collection highlights the global trade literature experience and will appeal to researchers, students, and scholars in History, Politics & Government Urban Studies, Social Sciences, American Studies, Sociology, Science & Technology, Economics and Business.

Trial ends 29 August 2014
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Films on Demand

Description: A comprehensive collection of high-quality educational videos licensed from a long established educational media distributor. Nearly 7000 videos cover a wide range of topics organized into 5 broad subjects. Individual segments subdivide each video into discrete shorter units.

The interface allows searching by title, by keywords in segments, browsing titles alphabetically, and browsing or searching within the subject areas.

Trial ends 30 August 2014
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Access Engineering

Description: A multi-media, digital resource covering 12 major fields of engineering with over 450 books including classics such as Perry’s Chemical Engineer’s Handbook and Marks’ Standard handbook for Mechanical Engineers, 700 instructional videos, 4000 interactive graphs, approx. 40,000 tables and a special section on business skills covering such topics as presentation skills and writing business proposals.

Trial ends 30 August 2014
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Database of Modern Chinese Newspapers

Description: Modern Chinese Newspapers Series is an ultra-large database, consisting of 5 sub-databases, includes the contents of Shanghai News (Shun Pao)《上海申报》(1872-1949)、Central Daily News《中央日报》(1928-1949)、The Taiwan MinPao《台湾民报系列》(1920-1932)、Taiwan Daily《台湾日日新报》(1898-1944)、Taiwan JIHO《台湾时报》(1898-1945). It covers Chinese historical, political, economic, religious, philosophic, literary, ethnic and geographic documents from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China.

Trial ends 31 August 2014
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Description: A vast online library of instructional videos covering the latest software, creative, and business skills. Taught by accomplished teachers and recognized industry experts, lynda.com is a high-quality resource for students, faculty, and staff looking to develop skills in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, project management, social media, and a wide range of other topics.

Trial ends 8 September 2014
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Epigeum: Avoiding Plagiarism

Description:The ability to avoid plagiarism is an essential skill for all university students. Many cases of plagiarism are unintentional, but they can still prevent you from achieving success in your studies and be a cause of significant stress. This engaging course will teach you key skills, such as how to correctly cite, reference and paraphrase other people's work, and will better equip you to avoid intentionally or unintentionally plagiarising.

Trial ends 15 September 2014
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