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How to cite a table from a journal paper

How to cite a table from a journal paper

Hi there,

I have used a part of the table (that appears in another journal paper) in my report but am not sure how to cite it ( in text and in the reference list). 

1. Is the below in text citation correct ?

  "  Table 1 from A. Patel et al (2013, p. 37) gives an overview...."

2. Do i need to put any reference just below the table as well ?

3. Is reference in the reference list same as what I would do when I am referencing a jounral paper ?

Your help is much appreciated.

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2 answers


1. yes

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Janice, 4 years ago

1. yes

2. no

3. yes

Patrick, one of our referencing champs, answered a similar question a few years ago:

The best way to do this is to talk about Table 1.1 in the text and then use an in-text reference with a page number. Suppose the table was on page 16. Then you might say something like: 'This theory is supported by results in Table 1.1 from Ackley & Ladwig (2011, p. 16)'. Or 'in Table 1.1, Ackley & Ladwig (2011, p. 16) show that ...'. Or 'using data from Table 1.1 (Ackley & Ladwig 2011, p. 16) we can see that ...'.

Thank you so much for a

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Upasana, 4 years ago

Thank you so much for a prompt reply Janice. Much appreciated



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