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when can I get my requested book?

when can I get my requested book?

I have requested a book a couple days ago and I know there is another person asked this book before I requested this book,so the website shows on holdshelf and 2 hold.But this condition has maintained for 4 days, does that mean that person still did not get this book? and then when can i get this book?

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Hi Yuan - it will be on the

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Librarian Liz (not verified), 6 years ago

Hi Yuan - it will be on the holdshelf for the first person who requested it for 7 days before moving to the next person, who will then also have 7 days to pick it up. You will recieve an email when it is ready for you to collect it. You could try searching for the book in BONUS+ to see if you can get another copy sooner. Find out more about BONUS+ at 'Home > Borrow > BONUS+

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