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hold/require a text book

hold/require a text book

Last time I required a text book from KURING-GAI campus(in the library the reception helped me),the library reception said I should wait till the email from library ask me to pickup the book from CITY CAMPUS, as till now I haven't receive any email from the library to ask me to go and pick up the book I  required, but today I received the email from lib said the holding of the text book has been expired!!!  When I back to see the text book, it is available on Kuring gai campus again, I don't know what happened and I don't know how to  book or hold again... I just saw the book in city campus is on hold shelf and ONE HOLD, does that mean if the person don't go to the library to get the text book then I can go and get it? or I have to wait till the HOLDING is expired or aftr the person picked and returned the book???? I am very worry about this cause the I need to use it for my mid-term exam, so I'll very appreciate if you can help me. By the way the text book name is  Required texts Czinkota, M, Ronkainen, I, Sutton-Brady, C and Beal, T (2011) International Marketing 2nd Edition – Asia-Pacific Edition, Cengage Learning Australia, Melbourne. Subject name is  24220 International Marketing Analysis and Strategy
If u can check the name of the book on the UTSlib and see the status maybe u can understand what I am talking about....

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We have checked this item and

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Sharlene, 3 years ago

We have checked this item and the only copies available for the 2nd Edition 2011 are at the City Campus.  One copy of this textbook is currently available in the city campus as a 7 day loan.  It would be best if you contact the Library on 02 9514 3320 as we require your student ID number so we can investigate the matter further for you. 

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