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How can I export from Factiva to EndNote?

How can I export from Factiva to EndNote?

With some difficulty! But it IS possible... please see my answer below.

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Okay, so here is how you

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D Litting, 5 years ago

Okay, so here is how you export from Factiva to EndNote. Sadly this process only works on a PC, it does not seem possible to export from Factiva with a Mac.

You will need a special filter to allow EndNote to read the Factiva references. There is already a Factiva filter within EndNote, but it just doesn't seem to work very well (some information gets left out). So you'll have to copy in a new one. I called my new filter 'Factiva New' - call it whatever you like, but be aware of the original, non-functional Factiva filter that's already there.
The working Factiva filter can be found at the University of Queensland website at this address. You don't need a UQ login to download, but you must use Internet Explorer as your browser. The location of the filter is provided in the link in the instructions below, which I've also quoted from UQ via this link - thanks UQ!http://www.library.uq.edu.au/research-support/direct-exports-and-filters

The use of IE is required when exporting from Factiva. I'll paraphrase from UQ for the rest of the process...

  1. Search Factiva
  2. Mark records
  3. Change View As to Headline, Lead Paragraph and Indexing (from a drop down menu on right of screen)
  4. Choose the Save option (disk icon).
  5. Select Article Format
  6. When the records are displayed select the File menu, then Save As. Save the records as a text (.txt) file
  7. You will need the filter at this point - which can be downloaded from the University of Queensland's Filters site by following steps 8-9 below,
  8. Click on the Factiva filter link on the UQ page, and select Open.
  9. Endnote will open. You will be presented with a page of information that describes the 'UQ filter'. Choose Files/SaveAs and call it Factiva New or whatever else works for you.
  10. To import the .txt references you've saved into EndNote Choose File/Import/File. Choose your .txt file you've saved from Factiva. Choose the 'Factiva New' filter you've saved in steps 7-9.
  11. You'll probably need to edit the imported records quite a bit, especially the Authors (change from upper case and remove extra words; ensure each author is on a separate line) and article Titles (change from upper case); also page numbers should not start with a zero.

...And that should do it :) I hope that is all ship-shape. Feel free to answer to this question if you are having any trouble.

You can use this method on

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Matthew, 1 year ago

You can use this method on both PC and MAC

Following the above steps, you can simply copy and paste the text from the record display (if you can't save as a text file from your browser) and paste it in a new text document on whatever system you are using (OS X or Windows), save and then import using the above steps. I only managed to do this with one reference at a time but it did not require any further formatting.

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