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about fine

Dear liabrian,
My account has some problem in recent days. So I saw the fine today. I am confused about the fine. When should I pay the fine and how much should I pay it? I promise I have not returned the book overtime. Can you help me to do the next? Thank you!

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Dear Bingqian,

Yu Lee's picture
Yu Lee (not verified), 5 years ago

Dear Bingqian,

When to pay:

You are not obliged to pay until the total amount is $30 or more. 

How much to pay:

If your fine is more than $30, I would advise you to reduce the fine to under $30.  If not, you should still be okay.

Please refer to the Library web page on Fine:  https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/borrow/fines



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