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How do I find the right database to use for my topic?

How do I find the right database to use for my topic?

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QuickSearch Page

When you log in to SuperSearch, the QuickSearch page loads up. This page lists suggested databases for a range of discipline areas eg: Business/Education etc.

Click on the link for a subject area to view the selected databases.

To select these databases, tick the button next to the subject area.

To do a simple search, enter a search term, or click on Advanced for more search options.


Databases Tab
To view more databases, click on the Databases tab from the top navigation bar.

Click on the link Subject and then select databases by subject and/or sub-category

Subject: Humanities & Social Sciences
Sub-category: Communication


Tick the boxes next to subjects [step 2] e.g. business, IT, humanities, engineering.

Then click on the Find Resources button [step 4].

Study guides 
These guides also give you a quick introduction to recommended databases in a subject area.

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