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Referencing photos in an archive

Referencing photos in an archive


Would you be able to direct me to guide / example of how to reference photos contained in an archive. They exist as (physical) negatives and digital positives and are not published. I am doing content analysis of individual photos so assuming I need to reference the individual photo. Or do I reference the archive and locate it within the archive (which is indexed, thank goodness)? And should it be entered as a 'figure' in my endnote database - there isn't a 'photo' or 'image' option.


Many thanks!



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Hi Harriet,

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D Litting, 1 year ago

Hi Harriet,

I don't think we have a template in our referencing pages for this, but using some of the precepts of the Harvard UTS style I'd imagine the elements might come together a bit like this:



title or description of photo

index number (if relevant)

name of archive

location of archive


In terms of how that would work in endnote, you could actually try the report template (i know it sounds odd, but bear with me) 

If you use report and then use these fields then you can make a reference like the one below

Report number - enter in a catalogue or index number for the photo if appropriate in this box and write the words you want to appear, like catalogue no. in the example below
Insitution - enter the name of the archive here
Place Published

Litting, D. 2017, Photo of a Flower, catalogue no. #376, Ultimo Photo Archive, Sydney.


Hope this helps, let me know if not



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