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How to recover a corrupted EndNote library?

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Save the Endnote folder (not

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Megha, 6 years ago

You can often fix a corrupt library by clicking on Tools in EndNote, then Recover Library, and following the prompts. Save your recovered library to a new location (ie not the same place as the corrupt library). If this does not work, try the steps below.

Your corrupted library should have a folder associated with it with the same name as the library but with .Data at the end of the name. Make a copy of this folder and save it to a new location (ie not in the same place as the corrupt library). Now open Notepad and click on File, Save As. In the file name box you should see something like *txt. Replace this with the name of your corrupt library (with .enl after the name). The name has to exactly match the name of your corrupt library, including all punctuation and spaces. In the file type box choose All Files. Now save this file to the location where you saved the copy of the .Data folder in the first step. If you open this new .enl file you should recreate your original library.

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