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3 or more authors

When referencing 3 or more authors, it is necessary to state full in text references with each of the authors last name before using et al. for the second in text reference?


Cows go moo (Ackn, Linyd, Oliio, Dein & Fein 2005) - 1st intext reference

Cows like grass (Ackn et al. 2005) - 2nd intext reference

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Hi Lai Lin,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 3 years ago

Hi Lai Lin,

If you have 4 or more authors  treat them as (Ackn et. al. 2005) every time.

If you have 3 authors treat them as (Ackn, Linyd & Ollio 2005) every time.

Place all of the authors in the reference list entry, no matter how many authors there are.

Hope this helps!


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