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Can users reserve a book currently on loan?

 I do not understand the instruction: "...NOT be filled if you've requested an item that is currently available at the selected pick-up location."

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Hi Chloe,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 6 years ago

Hi Chloe,

Looks like this is a book where the computer thinks that we have a copy that is 'for loan'. This sometimes happens with a book that is catalogued with all the previous editions of a book bundled on to the same item record, like the handbook for Auditing and Accounting. It also can be a problem where the computer thinks we have a book on loan but it can't be found on the shelves. If the automated holds service is falling over because of this or another similar issue appraoch the loans desk or call 95143666 if you aren't in the library and describe the book you would like to put on hold and they will be able to manually place a hold for you.

Hope this helps!

David Litting @ UTS Library

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