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How do I reference an online government document please? Where should I enter the department name, website address, title of the document, year etc on the referencing page on Endnote?

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Hi John

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Meijun, 3 years ago

Hi John

Following is an example that an online government document reference looks like:

In text

 (Department of Immigration and Citizenship 2011)

Reference list

Department of Immigration and Citizenship 2011, Fact sheet 1 - Immigration: the background part one, Canberra, viewed 5 March 2012, <http://www.immi.gov.au/media/fact-sheets/01backgd.htm>.

If you want to use EndNote, you need to manually add the key elements into the EndNote library. Choose “Government Document” for the reference type in EndNote, then you will see the field of author, year, title etc.

The key elements for Government Document are:

  • Author(s) : person or organisation who wrote or created the webpage (if known)
  • Year: the document was created or last updated. [use Year field in EndNote]
  • Title [use Title field in EndNote] : the title of the document
  • Department
  • Place of Publisher.
  • Publisher
  • URL: website address
  • Access Date. eg: 5 March 2012. 
Hope this helps
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