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Endnote x6- where does the .data file go?

I'm using Endnote x6 and want to change the name of my Endnote Library.

When I go to "save a copy"- Endnote offers the option of saving as a package- I click ok.

But no associated .data file is created.

Some of my attachments are corrupted and Endnote has advised to find the .data file- however, it doesn't seem that Endnote creates one when saved as a package....so where are my working attachments being saved? and where have my corrupted attachments gone?

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Hi Sarina,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 5 years ago

Hi Sarina,


Apologies for the delay in answering this. The 'save as package' option is one that is new to EndNote X6 and I haven't had much experience with this version yet... When I tried to save a copy as a package on our work Mac it asked me where I wanted to save it to - the desktop, or hard drive etc. I tried both, and in both instances what it created was an endnote library with 'copy' in the name and with an .enlp file name. This is different from the traditional method of saving where EndNote creates a library file and then a corresponding folder called data where your attachments live. Now whether this packaged .enlp copy is the one that's making endnote ask for the data file I'm not sure... but it seems like there shouldn't be a separate file. Its possible that EndNote can't make a packaged copy file out of your original because it can't find the data folder from the original - as you say some of your attachments are corrupted. You could try reattaching the pdf's in your original file and making the package copy again. 


Sorry if this doesn't help or make any sense. If your computer is mobile or if you can get the relevant libraries onto a flash drive and bring them in I can take a look at them in more detail. Or feel free to write me back at my email address: david.litting@uts.edu.au / 95143390




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