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What names do I use when referencing an edited book? (e.g. list the editors name or the chapters authors name?)

I wish to reference some information from the chapter 'Ethical Tensions in Newsmaking: What Journalism has in Common with Other Professions', in the book 'The Handbook of Mass Media Ethics'. 

The chapter is by Sandra L. Borden & Peggy Bowers, but the book itself lists the editors Lee Wilkins & Clifford G. Christians. Thus, I'm unsure what names I should be using in my in-text referencing and works cited list and whether or not I need to specify the chapter in my works cited list? 

I'm using the UTS Harvard referencing system and I can't seem to find any information for this particular issue. Any guidance on how to cite this both in-text and in my works cited list would be highly appreciated!

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HI Tabitha,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 3 years ago

HI Tabitha,

Good question and sorry for the delay in answering this. Basically you will be referencing the chapter authors in the text and the year.

The format for your reference list will be:

chapter author year 'chapter title' in Editor's name with initial first, book title , publisher, place, page range of chapter


Coleman, S. 2003, 'Democracy in an e-connected world', in R. Davidson (ed.), The e-connected world: risks and opportunities McGill Queens University Press, Montreal, pp. 125-32.

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