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Other ways to quote from a work citing another author

Usine the UTS Harvard referencing style I want to start my first sentence in my essay without having to place the aurthors name as my first word (i.e. Einstien (1906..) stated that time is relative) If I want to start my essay  (from a source where i quote a work cited by another author) can I use anything else i can use?

For example;
- Wicked problems, according to Einstien (1906..), is extremely complex (Thorne 2003, pg.7)

this is just an example (not real information)

is there other methods i can use as a strategy to quote another way
or is that the only two options (talking about the only examples given by this way of quoting)

Hope I did not confuse anyone! Thanks heaps~ :)

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The example sentence in our

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 5 years ago

The example sentence in our guide, that starts: Einstein stated in 1906 ... is only one example of how you might do this. You can use any structure you want. The only thing you must do is point out that although you are quoting author B, you are doing so having read the quote in a work by author A. You have to cite author A in the text somehow, near the quote, and mention that the quote is actually by B, and have author A's work in your reference list. What you should avoid is citing B, or writing the year of B (in the Einstein example this is 1906) in parentheses ie as (1906) because this implies there is an entry in your reference list for Einstein (1906) which there should not be for this assignment. You might say, for instance:

According to B in 1947, 'wicked problems are extremely complex' (A 2010, p. 65).

According to A (2010, p. 65), B was quoted as saying that 'wicked problems are extremely complex' in 1947.

B said in 1947 that 'wicked problems are extremely complex' (A 2010, p. 65).

A (2010, p. 65) pointed out that B said in 1947 that 'wicked problems are extremely complex'.

Hope this helps.

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