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Referencing Journal

I am quite confuse on how to reference journals. I am not sure what to use. On our Tutorial notes we have:

Courpasson, D. & Clegg, S.R. 2012, 'The polyarchic organization: Internal contention in the workplace and the construction of a new political structure', in, Research in the sociology of organizations, Emerald, Bingley, UK, pp. 55-80. 



Which one do I use in the reference list? 








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Hi Maria,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 5 years ago

Hi Maria,

What you see here is a reference list entry for a journal. So this is what you would put at the end of your writing to describe a journal article, in effect. All of the information here is pertinent - the name of the article and the name of the journal - so you don't need to use one part or the other - you use it all. For the in text reference in the body of your writing you'd simply list the author and the year in brackets eg: (Courpasson & Clegg 2012) .. and if you had quoted from a specific page then (Courpasson & Clegg 2012, p.72)


Hope this helps!

David Litting @ UTS Library

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