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How to referencing interview?

I want to know how to referencing interview.

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HI Lijie,

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D Litting, 3 years ago

HI Lijie,

An interview that you have conducted comes under the heading of personal communications. To reference something like this, please follow the instructions below which I've cut/pasted from our referencing pages:



Personal communications can take a number of forms: conversations, emails, letters, interviews and so on. Records of these are normally kept in a secure location by the researcher and, for reasons of privacy, are not normally available for consultation except under special circumstances (eg by thesis examiners). For this reason it is not normally necessary to refer to personal communications in your reference list.

In the text of your document you should specify the year and the date (day month) when the personal communication took place. Note the use of initials in front of the surname.

In text

M. Jones (1989, pers. comm., 6 May) believed that this was not relevant.

This was confirmed by email (R.J. Brown 2008, pers. comm., 3 July).

If you are having trouble finding a date for the source, or you aren’t sure how to reference a source with more than one author, please view our More Information page.

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