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EndNote abbreviated journal names

I wish to cite abbreviated journal names in my bibliography. Where can I obtain the term list of abbreviated journals in EndNote? It is not located in my EndNote folder.

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Hi Lynn, I'll send the

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Patrick, 3 years ago

Hi Lynn,

here are the instructions:

To set up your term list:

  • In EndNote, go to Tools, Open Term Lists, and select Journals Term List.
  • Click on one term, and press Control+A (Command+A on a Mac) to highlight all terms. Then click the Delete Term button to delete all terms.
  • Click on the Lists tab and highlight the Journals list.
  • Click Import List, and select the list most suited to your subject. You may have to navigate to (on a PC):¬†Computer, Local Disk (C:), Program Files, EndNote version, Terms Lists. On a Mac it will be Applications, EndNote version, Terms.
  • Click on Open. This will install your term list.
  • If you click back on the Terms tab you'll see the full list of names and abbreviations. You can edit terms, or add new terms, if you wish.
  • Close the Term Lists window. If you now edit your style (Edit, Output Styles, Edit "your style") and select the Journal Names option, you can choose whether you want the Full Journal Name, or Abbreviation 1 (this is the abbreviated title) to be dispayed in your reference lists. EndNote will automatically check what you have in the Journal Name field of your references in EndNote, and replace in your reference list if required.



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