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In-text and reference list for a comment thread


I was wondering how to cite text from a comments thread in-text and in the reference list. Here is an example of what I am needing to reference:


I want to quoate and/or paraphrase the text in the comment threads on the right hand side.


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Hi Dashiell

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 2 years ago

Hi Dashiell

this is quite a tricky one, partly because at least in this case the comments aren't specifically dated.

The in text should be pretty straightforward - (Author Year) or Author (Year) where the screen name or nickname of the person whose comment you are quoting or paraphrasing is used for the author. If you know their real name, use that, not the screen name.

In the reference list you would have, maybe a bit like a blog post: Author Year, 'First few words of post ...', Title of website, posted comment, viewed date, <URL>. Use the first 6-12 words of the post followed by ...

In your example:

Vitiz 2015, 'Good thoughts to ponder and well illustrated ...', Dream creative Light the spark Be the one in the crowd, posted comment, viewed 4 November 2015, <https://verdi.jovoto.com/ideas/49399>.

If you knew that Vitiz had the real name Fred Brown, you would have in text (Brown 2015) and the name in the reference list would be Brown, F. [Vitiz] 2015, etc.

Hope this helps


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