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what is product key in EndNote?


Could anyway tell me what is product key in EndNote? I installed EndNote program in my HP Laptop but I can't access it. It asks for user information with product key. I downloaded free 30 days trial version; is it the reason for inaccessible? I would be grateful if anyone clear up my queries. Thank you

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Hi Nilarai, 

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 2 years ago

Hi Nilarai, 

The product key is basically the password you are given to authenticate the software when you purchase it. The library offers you a free version via the website  but this version requires no product key. 

It's likely that if you want to use the free version we provide you'll have to uninstall your trial version first. 

If you need any help downloading or using our EndNote version you can reply to this ticket or email me at david.litting@uts.edu.au



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