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I was just wondering if the authors need to be re-arranged to be in alphabetical order when referencing.
For example i have an article with the following authors (written in this order on the article)

Nico Vonneilich, Daniel Lu ̈decke, and Christopher Kofahl 

Will i need to rearrange them to be
Kofahl, C., Ludecke, D. & Vonnellich, N. ?

Or leave it in the order as it is on the article? Many thanks :)


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Jackie's picture
Jackie, 2 years ago


do not reorder the authors -  the lead author of a research article is typically the person who carried out the research, wrote and edited the paper. The list of trailing co-authors reflects, typically, diminishing contributions to the work reported in the manuscript. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead_author)


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