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how do you correctly referrence a direct quote from an article and how do you referrence when you summaries in your own words through your essay. With reference list how do you reference an artcle that you have got of the UTS library page?

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Hi Amber,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 2 years ago

Hi Amber,

The correct way to reference a direct quote is to place the quote in single quote marks like this 'quote'

Then you'll have to provide an in text citation, either with a page number (if there are pages) or a paragraph number (if the quote comes from a webpage that is very long).

Eg: 'quote'  (Author year, p. 1)

Eg: 'quote (Author year, para. 1)

If you aren't directly quoting (aka paraphrasing) your in text citation is pretty similar but lacks any mention of a page or paragraph number.


Eg: some birds eat meat and some eat vegetables (Farmer 2008)

Eg: Farmer says some birds eat meat and some eat vegetables (2008)


Finally in terms of an article you've found via UTS Library you needn't actually mention UTS Library in the reference. Instead you would list

the name of the person that wrote the article

the year the article was written

the name of the article

the name of the journal that published the article

the volume and issue number of the article

and the page range of the article.


Hope this helps,


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