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How would I go about properly referencing MSDS from the internet?

I am unsure as to how I can properly reference MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) from the internet. For example, if you google "MSDS Leica Potassium Ferrocyanide" the first link should be an MSDS for Potassium Ferrocyanide BY Leica Biosystems. There are plenty of other free MSDS, but some of them are not from an organization such as Leica.

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Hi Yzza,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 1 year ago

Hi Yzza,

A good question and one we get a lot here. Basically you would reference this either like a book or like a website, which is basically a book reference with a viewed date and url at the end. So...

As a book:

Leica Microsystems 2010, Materials safety data sheet: Potassium ferrocyanide solution, Leica Microsystems, Winnipeg.

As a website:

Leica Microsystems 2010, Materials safety data sheet: Potassium ferrocyanide solution, Winnipeg, viewed 5 September 2016, <http://www.leicabiosystems.com/fileadmin/downloads_lbs/Leica%20Perls'%20Prussian%20Blue%20Iron%

(You'll notice that the second reference omits the publisher as the website convention doesn't require you to enter the publisher if the publisher and author are the same. You'll also notice that this url is really long so in that case perhaps the book template works better.)

Today I'm going to meet with our referencing guru Patrick and see if we can't put something up on our website to cover this frequently asked question.



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