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How to reference an unnamed image?

I want to reference the last image in this page but there is no name of it. could u help me please ? thanks 


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Hi There

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 1 year ago

Hi There

unnamed images are indeed tricky. There are two possible approaches:

-one would be to reference the PAGE that the image appears on, and then simply talk about the image in your essay, noting that it appears on this page. This would be the case if the image and photographer were only incidental to your essay. The page reference would be:

Strand Arcade 2013, We are the makers, series one: Andrew McDonald Shoemaker, Sydney, viewed 10 September 2016, <http://www.strandarcade.com.au/wearethemakersseries/we-are-the-makers-series-one/andrew-mcdonald-shoemaker-2>.

-the other one, which Sean outlines below and which would probably be best if the image (and maybe the photographer) is critical. 

Wooden lasts upon a shelf 2013, untitled photograph by H. Stewart, Strand Arcade, Sydney, viewed 10 September 2016, <http://www.strandarcade.com.au/wearethemakersseries/we-are-the-makers-series-one/andrew-mcdonald-shoemaker-2>.

The analogy here is with the examples on our image referencing page


Hi there,

Librarian Sean Riley's picture
Librarian Sean Riley, 1 year ago

Hi there,

This is a tricky situation, and I've forwarded it to one of our referencing specialists. However, I believe the correct approach is that if there is no title (as here there appears not to be) then the correct approach is to provide a short description in place of the title. So here, it might be:

Stewart, H. 2013, Image of wooden lasts upon a shelf, Strand Arcade, viewed 10 September 2016,

As noted above, I've forwarded this question to our referencing specialist so he should be able to weigh in on it on Monday; watch this space for confirmation!

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